The requirements for a medical examination in support of a race or rally licence are documented in the Motorsport UK Blue Book and for those who need medical examinations in support of their international licences can find the rules in the FIA sporting code.

The requirement to have a medical can be categorised by looking at the driver’s age and the type of licence required.  For a National Licence which is issued by the Motorsport UK, drivers need to have a medical if they are 18 and over and applying for a licence for the first time.  They are then able to complete a self declaration up to the age of 45 after which point there is a requirement for an annual race licence medical.  There is no requirement for a resting or stress ECG for this category of licence.

For an FIA International Licence the requirements are slightly different.  Every driver who holds an International Licence, irrespective of age, is required to have an annual licence medical.  Additionally, for those drivers under the age of 45, a Resting ECG has to be performed every 2 years.  For those of 45 years and over a Stress ECG is required.

Resting ECG

For those drivers who hold an International Licence and are aged less than 45 years, there is an FIA requirement for a Resting ECG to be performed every 2 years.

Stress ECG

For those drivers who hold an International Licence and are aged 45 years or more, there is an FIA requirement for a Stress ECG to be performed every 2 years.  The FIA also require this to be carried out to a certain standard known as “The Bruce Protocol”.  The stress ECG has to be reported by a Consultant Cardiologist (heart specialist).

If you are unsure what you require for your licence then just give us a call on 01293 822036 and we can discuss what you need.

We also do Blood Grouping, HGV Medicals, and Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) Forms

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